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Your Kambô Practitioner

Greetings beautiful Soul ~ my name is Berenika Alexandre, I am a holistic IAKP certified Kambô practitioner living in between Prague and Hawaii. I am so glad you found me and deeply honored to serve you Kambô.

Berenika Alexandre, certifikovana pruvodkyne ceremonii Kambo

Energy Intuitive, Certified IAKP practitioner & Business & Innovation Strategist offering private Kambô treatments in Prague.

Before learning about energy work, subconscious mind, ancestral conditioning, collective wound consciousness I had no idea how to handle when the stories started surfacing. How to go beyond the constraints of my imprinted conditioning, limitations of my ancestral patterning and my mind.

It took me many years working with entheogens, yoga and eventually discovering energy work, psychic training, hypnosis, subliminal programming and Kambô. All of these modalities combined would guide me deeper into my body, reveal to me more of my true myself and open my body + mind to more love. A capacity to both give and receive more love from a place of greater freedom.

With love I desire to share this incredible gift of Kambô with the ones who feel called to work deeper on re-patterning their mind/body/spirit complex and come back to full health.

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The Why

IAKP Certified

Kambô has been an instrumental part of my own healing journey. It helped me access and clear parts of my ancestral DNA patterns as well as forgive and accept my father. Through intentional work with kambô and conscious purging I was able to go deeper into negative thought patterns and release them. When I first sat with kambô several years ago the frog instructed me to work mainly with women and help them release their blocks to feel free in their bodies. Several years later I trained with the perfect teacher within the IAKP certification system and guidelines that helped me feel really safe to administer kambô to others from a well instructed practice.


Kambô treatment will be administered and faciliated by an IAKP Certified Kambô Practioner Berenika Alexandre.


Berenika has been trained by a Master Kambô practitioner and teacher Esther Kaijim, who trained directly with Karen Uma Kanya-Darke, the founder of the International Association of Kambô Practitioners (IAKP).


The types of treatments offered by Berenika are basic kambô treatment, Meridian treatment, Chakra treatment and Auricular treatment. The placement of Kambô and the amount will be consulted with a client to target specific ailments and to provide more precise effect of the vibrational healing. Berenika facilitates private Kambô treatments in her beautiful apartment in the heart of Prague 1 near the National Theatre.

Her background in energy work and psychic works helps her intuit client's needs and meet them where they're at with an open heart.

How to reserve a spot in a Kambo ceremony

If you're interested, please book a free consultation with the button below to find out more about how Kambô can help you and what the ceremonial space looks like, including discussing your intentions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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