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Image by Myriam Zilles

Please read carefully the contraindications list. Kambô is not for everyone and absolutely not suitable for people with the following health conditions for safety purposes...

Please contact me in case of any questions at...

Read carefully


Caution required

Be aware

  • Serious heart problems

  • Stroke

  • On medication for low blood pressure

  • Aneurysms or blood clots

  • anyone lacking of mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo

  • Serious mental health problems (excluding depressing and anxiety)

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiology for 4-6 weeks afterwards

  • On immune-suppressants for organ transplant

  • Women who are pregnant or might be

  • Women who are breastfeeding a child under 6 months old

  • Addison’s disease

  • People with current and severe Epilepsy

  • Recovering from a major surgical procedure 

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Under 18’s

  • Any previous Oesophagus/Esophagus bleeding or rupture

  • If you have taken Bufo, Iboga or Ibogaine recently (8 weeks wait till Kambo)

  • Certain types of EDS

  • Immune-suppressants for auto-immune disorders

  • Slimming or sleeping supplements (also natural ones like serotonin and melatonin)

  • Active drug or alcohol addiction

  • Long term or water fasting for 7 days before/post Kambo

  • Colonics, enemas, liver flushes and any water based detox should be avoided within 3 days either side of Kambo. Same counts for sauna’s and hot yoga.

  • Bulimia 

  • Although highly unlikely, be aware of a condition called Boerhaave Syndrome: Spontaneous Oesophageal Rupture resulting from sudden increased intra-oesophageal pressure. It's extremely rare but has occurred a few times in healthy individuals in the last few years.

How to book a spot in a Kambo Ceremony?

If you're interested, please book a free consultation with the button below to find out more about how Kambô can help you and what the ceremonial space looks like, including discussing your intentions. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • IAKP Kambô Practitioners are not doctors not any other form of medical practitioners

  • Kambô is not a medicine

  • None of the services offered on this website constitutes any form of medical practice

  • Kambô is a shamanic ritual / ceremony from the Amazon Rainforest -> it is not a medical treatment

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