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“Berenika is absolutely someone you can trust to lead you through the ceremonial experience. I've been involved 25 years with all kinds of different gatherings, nature ceremonies, rituals and sacred spaces. She is really good at creating the energy of transformation from the opening, cleansing, setting the intentions, invoking the energies, going through the ceremony and the wrap up... Not my first experience with kambo and she really did the best one I've had.

Steve Knots, USA

Klient Kambo na Bali s Berenikou

Beatrix Winter

“Berenika has beautifully guided me through

a profound and life changing kambo experience.


I felt safe, held, understood

and supported through out

the whole treatment.”

Klient Kambo na Bali s Berenikou

“Berenika held such an incredible space for me to receive powerful healings with Kambo medicine.

B has a powerful divine feminine energy that allowed me to feel safe, calm and ultimately supported to receive the blessings from this powerful medicine.

I have sat with B a few times, I will sit with her again in the future and would highly recommend her

as a practitioner to anyone receiving the call to the Frog.”

Klient Kambo na Bali s Berenikou

Cristopher R Larsson

“Supported by Berenika throughout my kambo experience it was my first time discovering kambo and Berenike guided me through the entire process.


She made a completely safe and nurturing environment around the place it was held. She held the space beautifully and there was a really gentle energy threw the ceremony. I felt safe and confident in her ablities and would highly recommend her.”

Zoey Arielle

Klient Kambo na Havaji s Berenikou

Derek Leong

“I had two Kambo sessions with Berenika in Hawaii. These were absolutely the best Kambo experiences I've ever had! Berenika is expertly trained and delivers the medicine with loving care. The space she holds is extremely supportive and safe. I'm very grateful to be able to do this with Berenika.”


Jonas Bartl

I had three Kambo sessions with Berenika in Prague. From the moment we first talked, I could tell that she genuinely cared about making the experience safe and valuable for me. Everything from the consultation, the Kambo experience to the post Kambo integration is done with lots of care and intention.

She did a great job at holding the space and allowing me to purge and let go of things. Even during the challenging moments I felt perfectly safe. Afterwards she took the time to reflect with me on what I experienced and felt. Berenika is very intuitive and able to bring awareness to subconscious patterns.

I can recommend her to anybody who is interested in experiencing this medicine! I’m very grateful to have had my first Kambo experience with her. Thank you again

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