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10 myths about Kambo

Updated: Jul 19

Hey there, curious souls! Today, we're delving into the fascinating world of Kambo, the sacred secretion from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog, that has captured the attention of many as a potential natural remedy. As with anything that gains popularity, myths and misconceptions seem to follow closely behind. In this personal blog post, I'm excited to shed some light on ten common myths about Kambo and share the truths I've uncovered through my journey of exploration and research as a certified IAKP Kambo Practitioner.

Myth: Kambo is a psychedelic substance.

Fact: Kambo doesn't induce a visionary state like psychedelics do. Instead, its focus lies for the most part on the physical, promoting toxin release and giving the immune system a gentle boost. From a personal experience I can say Kambo has been a powerful key to emotional release for me as well and for some of my clients. At times I would receive messages from Kambo but that happens to some and not to others, therefore it's safe to say that it's the most effective on the physical level.

Myth: Kambo is dangerous and toxic.

Fact: Initially, I did my research on its safety as I was planning first time sitting with Kambo in Mexico on my travels in 2019 on my own and at the time suffering from a reoccurring viral load. After consulting with experienced practitioners and taking time to read through contraindications, I found that Kambo can be safe when administered responsibly in the hands of a IAKP Certified practitioner, checking thoroughly on medications and supplements and medical history. Every IAKP Practitioner you reach out to should offer you a short phone consultation to understand your background and intentions working with Kambo.

Myth: Kambo is a cure-all remedy.

Fact: The truth is that Kambo is more of a supporting ally rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. For serious health concerns, it's always wise to seek advice from healthcare professionals. There are effective protocols with Kambo for some chronic illnesses but it is vital to approach healing methodically and holistically.

Myth: Kambo ceremonies are religious rituals.

Fact: While Kambo does have deep spiritual roots among indigenous communities, in Western ceremonies practitioners tend to focus more on its physical benefits and less on religious aspects. And it's important to note that it varies practitioner to practioner. Some practitioner work more on an energetic level, doing Kambo meridian treatments, while others for example focus on a physical detox. In my perspective the subtle energetic realm precedes the physical, and Kambo benefits on all levels.

Myth: Kambo is addictive.

Fact: Kambo's non-addictive nature is safe for clients suffering from compulsive tendency. Kambo is quite often served to people who struggle with addiction as an effective tool to step by step work through the addiction. Specific protocols are applied in these cases and have proven to be effective.

Myth: Kambo is only suitable for physical healing.

Fact: After my own first Kambo experience I learned that Kambo might also support emotional release and mental well-being. Post session one feels calm and grounded, sometimes that feeling lasts for days. Reports of improved mood and reduced stress caught my attention.

Myth: Kambo is the same as other frog-based medicines.

Fact: Kambo isn't the same as other frog-based medicines like Bufo Alvarius. Bufo is well known for its ability to exude toxins from glands within its skin that have psychoactive properties. Bufo is used for different purposes.

Myth: Kambo can be administered by anyone.

Fact: As much as I'd love to DIY everything, I personally think that Kambo should only be administered by a trained and knowledgeable practitioner to ensure safety of each Kambo client. Therefore it's vital practitioners follow a clear code of conduct, prepare thoroughly for each ceremony and have been trained by a Master Kambo practitioner.

Myth: Kambo is a guaranteed detoxifier.

Fact: While Kambo can help with detoxification of the mind-body-soul complex, I found that long-term health and wellness also require a balanced lifestyle and proper medical attention. It's crucial to develop a healthy lifestyle, eating well, surrounding oneself with healthy relationships and destress on a regular basis. From my personal experience Kambo is a wonderful detoxifier of overgrown candida and fungi, certain viral flare ups or bacterial loads, BUT it doesn't work for everything and it needs to be accompanied with other holistic methods.

Myth: Kambo is a quick fix for weight loss.

Fact: Sustainable weight management needs a holistic approach with a balanced diet and exercise. Using Kambo to lose weight is not the right motivation to sit with Kambo as it can do so much more for you if you approach it with respect.

I hope the little window of time of busting the myths about Kambo has been enlightening for you, my dear Kambo fellows. Like any natural remedy, Kambo deserves our respect and mindfulness, especially when it comes to safety and responsible use. While it may offer potential benefits, always remember to consult with experienced practitioners to make a well-informed decision about your wellness & health journey. Kambo is legal in the Czech Republic which makes it easy to sit with in a safe environment and certified practitioners.

Happy exploring! And if I may be of any assistance, seek out your fellow IAKP Practitioner in Prague, Berenika Alexandre, myself & the Kambo frog.

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