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How to integrate
post kambô treatment

Create time/space for yourself.

Odpočinek po Kambo ceremonii

Post kambô treatment care is highly individual.

For some people the after effects of kambô may look like a burst of energy, heightened stamina and they feel ready to go climb a mountain. Others may feel drained or even highly emotional for days. It really depends on your toxin load and your overall physical, mental and emotional health. Regardless of your individual experience, it is recommended to take a good care of your body, rest well and slow down your rhytm to presence. For most people it is completely safe and good to work the next day.

Odpočinek po Kambo ceremonii
Pracuj se svým záměrem během celého procesu práce s Kambo
Vyhraď si čas na práci s Kambo, klid.

Post treatment effects and care

Indigenous background = energy clearing

heightened awareness

For the rest of the day...

Allow space to integrate

Kambo scars

Stay present

Heavy toxin load


The Matses tribes use kambô amongst other use cases for hunting. They believe that kambo clears your ‘panema’ = negative energy in your auric field. They perceive it as a cloud of energy. 


Post kambô session they would go hunting, last longer hours and have a higher chance to approach animals due to the purified auric field, animals wouldn’t detect them or smell them as usual humans. They would also do dreamwork to connect with their prey in the dreamspace and intuit where the animals will be the next day. More in the book from Peter Gorman Sapo in My Soul.

Daily life post kambô, most people find kambô to be a very grounding and centering experience. Most people feel solid, and clear the next few days, present in their body ready to experience life from this clarity and presence.


People report heightened awareness, manifesting their dreams faster and with more ease and attracting people and opportunities with ease. This effect can last for a few days up to a week. I personally experienced this many times and even animals lean in and come to me with so much more openness and curiosity.


Your auric field is clear post kambo and this enables for incredible things to take place easily and effortlessly.

It is recommended to allow time post kambo treatment with no scheduled obligations or commitments ~ physical, mental, emotional at least for the rest of the day, to allow time for integration and rest.

Hydrate amd remineralize your water with electrolytes or drink coconut water to restore the balance.

Do not drive if lightheaded. Arrange a pick-up in advance,

You may experience emotional processing even days after the kambo session as well as more awareness, clear mind and ability to open your heart and be willing to let go and forgive easier.

For some the gates heal quickly and the burns will no longer be visible after a few months, and for others it takes much longer for healing to occur.

Dragon's blood applied on the gates will accelerate the healing. It's ok to shower. Make sure to not remove/scrub off the Dragon's Blood. It needs to stay on for the entire process of healing and it prevents infection.

Stay aware of the consumption of food you consume, energy you take in, media and people you surround yourself with. Take note of vibrational shifts, manifestations, your mood.

You may also experience the Herxheimer reaction if you're dealing with a chronic illness or heavy toxin load. This simply means that sometimes the body feels worse before feeling better as things move through the system and detox completely.

If in need of additional guidance days or weeks post kambô you can book Clarity sessions for additional charge here:

To book a kambô treatment in Prague please email me with preferred times and I'll get back to you shortly

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